Why ReInvent the Wheel

Sometimes, I think I waste too much time trying writing custom scripts to perform functions similar to existing open source ones. Part of my problem in that regards is that I’m a control freak: there is always some special set of features that aren’t included in available packages, and I always convince myself that it […]

Web Video vs. Cable

WebProNews published an article today entitled “The Future of Web Video“. YouTube might be the media darling (and I’m the old man who yearns from the halcyon days of the internet, when having a dot com name meant you could afford Network Solutions’ high fees and crappy email template registration thingy. The article barely glosses […]

Quitting Smoking

Nine days ago, I accidently quit smoking. Pretty amazing, eh? I wasn’t planning on it, it just kind of happened. 7 days ago, it became a conscious effort, one which I have been doing well with. I decided to document in with a new blog: Kyle Quits Smoking

Portland Lighting

Jaime, the wonderful lady writing articles for PDXinteriors, has recently submitted an article about the importance of lighting as it pertains to interior design. She spoke briefly with David Ellis of Lux Lighting here in Portland. So if you are looking for some lighting tips, you know what to do. In addition, Emma Juhlin wrote […]

Guide to Creating an Interior Design Program

We have posted a new interior design article on PDXinteriors.com. In this one, Jamie discusses the basics and importance of  creating a program for your interior design project. This should be helpful to the DIYers who visit that site, as well as remind the seasoned vets of their academic roots. Yeehaw!

New Bars Added To Eugene Barfly

I added about 13 bars in Eugene to the Eugene BarFly database. These include: Max’s Tavern Jo Federigo’s Horsehead Taylor’s Bar & Grill Diablo’s & Downtown Lounge Samurai Duck The Cooler The Old Pad Jameson’s Jimmy Mac’s Mac’s at the Vet’s Club John Henry’s Black Forest Tavern So there you are, review at will.

Relocating? Use an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent

My lovely friend Carla just posted an article about why relocation buyers should use an EBA for their agent. It makes perfect sense, since you don’t want some double dipping seller’s agent to scam you while you are moving across the country. She also wrote and additional article about New Home Construction in Portland, and […]

PDXinteriors.com Updated

I just received a few Portland Interior Designer profiles from a contributor today. That site has been updated with profiles for Jason Ball and Miryam Brewer in articles entitled Interior Design, Portland Style and PDX Style with Miryam Brewer. So we’ll see how the traffic comes in, and if these articles actualyl help people. Dope.

SMS Micro Payment Dreams

One thing I have been mulling over lately is micro-payments via SMS. It seems that may be one answer to the old “how do you sell digital content on the web?” quandry. Currently, the only realistic option you have for purchasing web content is to do a full or trial subscription. But what if you […]