I am building a local directory of PDX bars. I’ve build a solid foundation for traffic/search optimization (see my article on using MOD_REWRITE), and hopefully will have displaced citysearch which currently dominates results pages of google and yahoo when searching for information about a specific bar.

One thing I’m building is the ability for promoters/managers/bar owners to generate calenders. Given the incredible amount of flakiness I’m noticing in people, it’s hard to tell if this will be used. So many people buy shovels then never dig the hole, ya know?

I’ll also love it if people were to post reviews of the venues. I’m planning on including the option to post your url, and with my incredibly spider friendly pages, should help get you crawled by the major SE’s.

One thing I am considering including is an all ages venue listing on the same site. While it is primarily a bar directory, I think it would pick up traffic for all ages venues considerably. Lets face it, most of the local websites for venues suck, and can only be found if you already know the URL, which kind of defeats the purpose.

Good ideas? Bad? Some what craptacular? Is my penor large.

Oh yeah, and Kyle web design tip # 4343: Never Screw Your Web Designer


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