Shaped Skateboard Decks

My buddy NJN, in a state of Covid Pandemic induced insanity, recently started a skateboard company. Or perhaps it is a genius time to do crazy things. But instead of building popsicle sticks for kids, he is making shaped boards that us older skater love. Money bumps, yo! This older skater loves riding loose trucks, […]


I am never an early adopter, particularly when it comes to new search engines and new social networks, but I have to say, I find the new search engine Blekko to actually be an useful tool. Not so much for it’s search results, but more for the SEO data is provides. I suspect those in […]

How To Replace a Dell Mini 9 Keyboard

I have this little Dell Mini 9 Hackintosh that has been quite fun and useful for when I’m running around doing BarFly business. It’s easier than lugging around my main laptop, and it’s easier for entering happy hour info than using my iPhone. However, the keyboard recently went out on me. It was quite odd, […]